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AN Authentic & creative brand building Experience for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Presentation matters.

Are you a restaurant owner or private chef trying to get your name out there?

Need to captivate your audience before they take the first bite?

Want creative, striking images that tell your story?

It's your time to shine. Let's show the world your passion.

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Our lives are becoming increasingly digitized — we scan a QR code to access a digital menu, browse our social media accounts to discover healthy meal ideas, or purchase an ebook full of baking recipes.

Creative restaurant photography is all about telling a story through food and conveying your brand’s first impression in a tasty and enticing way. Well-executed food photography will reflect the ambiance of your space, attracting inquisitive customers to your doorstep.

At the end of the day, food photography can be a real differentiator between your brand and the competition.

So, whether you're a restaurant owner searching for high-quality, mouth-watering menu images or a recipe author looking for editorial features, I can work with you to portray the beauty of your food and boost your sales. 

Let's Do this

telling STORIES through food

Portraits & Action
Styled Shots
Menu Items



  • 3-HOUR PHOTO session (ON-LOCATION)
  • Creative strategy consultation
  • a mix of Food/drink menu items, lightly styled images, AND/or action shots
  • 3o edited images with commercial-use rights

My most popular package includes the following:

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“Initially, I just needed a photographer to take some photos for my upcoming skincare website. I found her on Facebook, and her pictures blew me away. I am very busy, and don't have a lot of time to prepare for things like outfits, props, ideas, etc. She guided me through everything and organized it for me. Now, I realize the reason her work is so amazing is because she pays attention to every single detail, every step of the way. She even reminded me to drink water, and bring snacks!! I have never worked with a photographer who went that far above and beyond to make sure that my branding was exactly what I wanted and even more than I expected."

She pays attention to every single detail, every step of the way

Tina Rachelle Aesthetics

"I did a shoot with Megan with the intention of using the photos to promote my EP release. I loved the final photos so much that I ended up using one of them for the album artwork in addition to promotional materials. Megan was extremely professional. She made me feel totally at ease during our shoot. She took the ideas I had and created a final product more beautiful than I could have imagined. I highly recommend this gem and I can't wait to work with her again!"

Jordy Vaughn Music

She made me feel totally at ease during our shoot.

"Megan is fantastic with my brand photography! I was missing out on my social media and website presence without personal photos of services I offer and Megan really stepped up to help me. She is so laid back and professional to work with and I don’t feel nervous or intimidated when I have to do a shoot. I love getting to review the albums before editing. All of the photos are so good that it's hard to choose. I highly recommend Megan — 100% my favorite."

Ziel Bridal

All of the photos are so good that it’s hard to choose.

"Megan did an amazing job for a recent branding photo shoot for my business. You never really know how photos are going to turn out of you (trying to model and look professional while having no experience) but they were AMAZING! The quality of her work and skill was so evident after seeing the unedited preview gallery. She exceeded what I was envisioning and got back to me with all of the photos super quickly. Thank you so much Megan!!!"

She exceeded what I was envisioning

Indigo Brows Co

"Megan is a wonderful photographer! She did my product catalog, and it is phenomenal! During these crazy times she has been so sweet and accommodating. I can not wait until we are able to do the full shoot!! I recommend her 1000% to anyone who needs work done. Thank you again Megan"

I recommend her 1000% to anyone who needs work done.

Naileys Naturals

Megan is INCREDIBLE to work with. Professional, down to earth, great communication, and best of all a photographer who truly has a vision. Couldn't recommend her highly enough.

a photographer who truly has vision.


"Megan was extremely professional. She was quick to lock in the look I wanted. She was very easy to work with and communicative in every sense of the word."

She was quick to lock in the look I wanted. 

Fire performer

"Megan really took the time to get to know my style and vision before creating a plan for our photo shoot. She gave me such good direction. She was able to pivot in the moment to take a different angle at an idea. I will definitely hire her again!"

She was able to pivot in the moment to take a different angle at an idea.

Clean & Pretty Life

"I had a great time shooting with Megan. I found her easy to work with, reliable, and an overall good communicator. I am very happy with the work she produced of me."

Easy to work with, reliable, and an overall good communicator. 

Fire performer

“Meg is hands down the best! She sets the bar so high that I have a hard time working with other photographers because they are not Meg!! Always recommend 13/10 😃"

She sets the bar
so high 

Entertainer, actress, and model

Minnesota Roots — The Cookbook 

Photographed by Megan Stezka and recipes narrated by her mother, Minnesota Roots is the product of generations of home-grown and from-scratch Minnesotan recipes carefully curated and finessed to perfection.
This collection of family-style recipes will have your mouth watering and your tummy pleasantly full.
If there's one thing Minnesotans are experts at, it's that warm and cozy feeling.