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Based in Minneapolis, MN


Commercial photography is only one piece in the branding and marketing mix. With my past career in advertising and social media, I love to share tips and tricks with my clients. But it's no substitution for working with someone who specializes in something that takes years of education and experience. So that's where you come in!

I'm actively looking for other folks in MN/WI who are freelance:

Food Stylists
Wardrobe Stylists
Brand Designers
Website Designers
Marketing Strategists
Art Directors
Social Media Managers
Virtual Assistants
Photo Assistants

Collaborating gives the opportunity to strengthen our client's assets as whole. Would you like to work together? Please reach out!

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Minnesota Roots — The Cookbook 

Photographed by Megan Stezka and recipes narrated by her mother, Minnesota Roots is the product of generations of home-grown and from-scratch Minnesotan recipes carefully curated and finessed to perfection.
This collection of family-style recipes will have your mouth watering and your tummy pleasantly full.
If there's one thing Minnesotans are experts at, it's that warm and cozy feeling.