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Based in Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Roots ā€” The Cookbook 

Photographed by Megan Stezka and recipes narrated by her mother, Minnesota Roots is the product of generations of home-grown and from-scratch Minnesotan recipes carefully curated and finessed to perfection.
This collection of family-style recipes will have your mouth watering and your tummy pleasantly full.
If there's one thing Minnesotans are experts at, it's that warm and cozy feeling.



Iā€™m Megan.
Down-to-earth. Eccentric. 
A little sweet, a little spicy.
Lover of food, live music, and outdoor adventures.

I serve entrepreneurs, artists, and small businesses in the Minnesota-Wisconsin area with commercial photography for the restaurant, beauty and wellness, and entertainment industry.

I'll provide you with polished, vibrant, and dynamic photos that will elevate your brand's website, social media, and marketing assets.

Working with me is a safe space for women and folks in the LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and neurodiverse community. I want to empower you so we can show up and celebrate our identities as we are. We all deserve to thrive and be ourselves doing so.

I want you to be seen and heard. More now than ever, our audiences want to connect with businesses on a personal level. You'll create stronger, more authentic relationships through marketing and advertising.

I approach each shoot as its own, unique story.
And much like writing a story,
I need to get to know YOU. 
Your essence. Your vision. Your purpose.

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